Damage Claims Handling

Explorer Claims are experts in all aspects of insurance claims handling and management in relation to both commercial and residential insurance claims regarding flood damage, fire damage, water damage and storm damage across the UK. No job is too big or too small and we get the most out of your claim. Remember we have years of experience in this area of expertise, which makes us stand out from the rest, when it comes to damage repair insurance claims in the UK.

Repair and Restoration Claims

We are different because unlike most operating in the insurance and claim sector, they do not understand the industry in which they are claiming in. Our team is based across the UK, and more importantly it is made up of experts who have worked in the industry and understand it. Nothing gets missed in your claim and the damage restored properly. We are the damage restoration insurance claim handling experts.

Going the extra mile

At Explorer Claims we not only claim for your water, fire, flood or storm damage insurance claim, but we also provide a full service including handling the repair. As experts in the industry we know how important it is to have the repair work done properly to avoid problems in the future. This is why we provide a full service, when making a claim on your behalf. We do this so we know the work gets done properly, you get the claim you want and most importantly you have peace of mind.